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A History of Fabulousness!

Photo by – Corrine West Photography

This is a new page I’ve created to capture all the wonderful moments I’ve had over the years with some of the most incredible people from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

Fantastic beautiful weddings including personal vows, Handfasting and Unity Sand Pouring Ceremonies and even a traditional Colombian Candle Lighting Ceremony which was just gorgeous!

The Renewal of Vows Ceremonies have been so diverse and amazing including those that are heart breaking because of illness or separation and some of the happiest ceremonies celebrating Silver or Ruby Anniversaries or just a massive birthday surprise!!

The Child naming ceremonies have been incredible, including two of the most gorgeous adorable adopted girls…which will always be memorable for me,, as myself along with all the guests had to do the Baby Shark song…Hilarious!!!

One boy being named was taking his new dads name, the family wanted to mark this special moment with all their family and friends some of whom had travelled all the way from Scotland to be there for him and to become his supporting adults, what a heart warming and amazing day!

There really isn’t a right way or a wrong way to hold a ceremony, what works is different for everybody but so long as it’s what you want, then it’s right for you…your perfect individual beautiful celebration 🙂


Double Naming Ceremony

Double Naming Ceremony

This gorgeous photo is of a double Naming Ceremony, the two children were adorable and so were mum, dad and all their family and friends. It was such a happy day with party games, cake and special promises made by Mum Dad Supporting Adults and grandparents.

This was really important to the family as they wanted the most important people in their childrens lives to actually take part in the ceremony and not to be casual observers.

A fantastic lovely day!

Disney Theme

Disney themed wedding

Lindsey & Laura had an amazing Disney themed wedding, with a Prince Charming, a Princess and, of course, a Fairy Godmother Celebrant to wave her magic wand over them and their guests, wishing them health and happiness always.

What a gorgeous happy day this was… and to end this fairytale story, they now have a beautiful baby awwwwwwww 🙂

Kim & Mark

Kim & Mark

This beautiful photograph was taken of Kim & Mark by one of their family or friends.  Just as we got to the part in the ceremony when they were about to say their vows… the sun came, pouring through the windows above them creating this beautiful celestial light, just gorgeous!

We had lovely readings, a sand pouring unity ceremony and a beautiful singer… followed by the signing of a commemorative certificate with 2 witnesses.

Sealed with a kiss

Sealed with a kiss

And here’s the moment when Kim & Mark sealed their vows and promises…The Kiss everyone wants to see it and,  of course, the bride and groom want to show everyone how happy and in love they truly are.

What’s a wedding without a kiss!!

After signing the certificate,  their guests followed them outside onto the lawn for champagne and some spectacular photographs.  A glorious happy day.