Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire Celebrant 



Q             Can a Celebrant legally marry me?

A             No.  A Celebrant can perform a Wedding Ceremony for you, but it does not have any legal



Q             How can I get married and have a Celebrant for my Ceremony??

A             Most people get legally married by a Registrar at home or abroad or at a Church by the

              authorised person. They then commission a Celebrant to conduct their Ceremony in a venue

              of their choice, with all their family and friends.


Q             What’s the difference between a legal ceremony and a Celebrant Ceremony?

               With a legal ceremony, you have to say certain words (Declaration & Contracting Words   

               Civil or Religious Ceremony) which make you legally married.  With a Celebrant Ceremony,

                you can say and do what you like!  Your ceremony can take as long or as little as you want it    

                to be.  A Celebrant Ceremony is very personal and bespoke to you.  You can include all your

                family and friends in your ceremony which isn’t allowed in a Civil Registration or a Church 



Q             What Do I need to say or do?

A             A Celebrant will help you decide on what you want for your beautiful day and work with

               you to achieve this. A Celebrant will help with vow choices, ring words, music, readings,

                and any special rituals you may want to include, e.g., Sand Blending, Wishing Trees, Hand

                Fasting etc.  A Celebrant will write a bespoke script to deliver your very personal ceremony,

                Based on what you want and how you want your ceremony to be.  You can include children

                Family and friends, which is sometimes not possible in a legal wedding ceremony.


Q             What’s a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

A             Technically, a Renewal of Vows Ceremony will take place after a legal wedding (see above)

               You can say new vows to each other, exchange the same rings (or new ones!) and have a

               very similar type of ceremony to a legal one.  Also, a Renewal of Vow’s Ceremony is a lovely

               thing to do for a special anniversary, birthday or sometimes, if life has dealt you a blow

                you can celebrate a new beginning or a new start with all your loved ones with a Renewal

               or Commitment Ceremony.